EXTRA Earnings Season with Swiggy

Creative Ideation
Content Production
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Background & Problem Statement
The year-end is a time when we get together with family and friends, celebrate and feast. This is probably why Swiggy hits its peak orders season between Christmas and New Year’s.
In this super busy season, Swiggy relies heavily on Delivery Partners to handle the huge wave of incoming orders. They need all the Partners they already have, and then some! Think of it like “delivery partner wars”. Swiggy needed to engage its delivery partners with great offers and excite those from competing apps too. Their approach: awesome deals, bigger earnings, mega guarantees, and extra bonuses.
The brief was a digital campaign to spread the word on great seasonal benefits and encourage more Delivery Partner engagement as well as sign-ups. And the content needed to be super-relatable for the TG.
Creative approach
The Return of Pyaare Pankaj and Sweety
Remember Pyaare Pankaj and Sweety from our "Swiggy Wali Jacket" campaign? Well, this newly-wed couple turned out to be a hit! Their charm and relatability created a special place in the hearts of our target audience. And, we saw a fantastic opportunity to deepen this connection and continue their story with brand Swiggy, and to do something a little EXTRA.
Crafting the EXTRA campaign
Well, time had passed since Pankaj and Sweety were newlyweds. All things given - theirs has grown to be a happy married life. And the romance is very much still alive.
So, to highlight the EXTRA incentives Swiggy was dishing out this festive season, we showed Pyaare Pankaj earning EXTRA with Swiggy, just to keep Sweety EXTRA happy.
Watch the two films and find out what Pyare Pankaj does to woo his Sweetie over and over again with a little EXTRA. These are just an inspiration for the many things a Delivery Partner could do with their EXTRA earnings with Swiggy.
The films significantly boosted Delivery Partner engagement during the busy year-end season. And new Partner sign-ups on the Swiggy app? Well, they grew EXTRA too!