Swiggy Wali Winter Jacket Campaign

Creative Ideation
Content Production
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Background & Problem Statement
Swiggy, one of India's leading food delivery giants, is pretty awesome at keeping both its customers, and delivery partners happy.
During the summers, one can't miss the Swiggy crew. They're out there in their bright orange T-shirts, giving Swiggy a lot of visibility on the roads. But when winters come around, things change. Those cheerful orange T-Shirts get covered up in all kinds of oddly-coloured winter jackets.
Enter Swiggy's Winter Jackets - they are not just warm and comfy, but come at a price friendly to delivery partners, and bring back that pop of Swiggy orange in the winters. It's a smart move to keep the brand visible all-year-round, while protecting Delivery Partners during North India's harsh winters.
Swiggy's brief to us: launch the winter jacket and popularize it amongst the Delivery Partners. The client primarily wanted to use the videos on the Swiggy Delivery Partner app, to drive product purchase.
Creative approach
The Red Bangle creative team understood that the Delivery Partners were always on the move, and lengthy ads just wouldn't cut it. So to communicate the best features of the jacket - warmth, practicality, and affordability - in an interesting manner, we went with snackable duration of 30-second ads, and created a cool gang of characters that helped us show off the product in a fun way.
Take a look at the characters that inspired love for the “Swiggy wali jacket”.
  • Pyare Pankaj - the one who wants to keep his new bride warm and cozy.
  • Bhulakkad Babloo - the guy who's always misplacing stuff, and needs many pockets to save his day.
  • Bachat Ram - the one who's always on the lookout for a bargain. He's been hunting for a winter jacket that's easy on the wallet but tough as nails.
Three characters, three distinct films - collectively formed the Swiggy Wali Jacket digital campaign. Watch the light and heart-warming films, and you might want a Swiggy Winter Jacket yourself!