Creative Ideation
Content Production
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Background & objective

METRO Wholesale is a leading business-to-business wholesaler, serving the needs of traders, restaurants, small and medium businesses and more. The brand aimed to communicate a key USP: high quality products at unbelievably low prices. The challenge was to change the common perception that these two attributes seldom go hand in hand, and to communicate the message in a fun and engaging way.

Creative approach

In India the term ‘5 star’ is commonly used as the gold standard of any product or service. So, we strategically leveraged this term in the campaign's central message.

The creative strategy was to weigh in on the customer’s intelligence and price awareness, by not selling the unbelievable prices, but by calling them a mistake… well, at first. And this worked.

The films were made in Hindi and then dubbed to several regional languages for distribution on local news channels. The campaign increased brand awareness amongst the target audience and boosted store footfall by 36%.