Harmonizing Creative Marketing With Indian Alcobev Regulations

Alcobev brands in India face the unique challenge of regulatory constraints limiting their ability to communicate effectively with their target audience. But necessity is the mother of fun and creative solutions. Having to work around constraints has led to a wave of innovation which ensures that brands, the TG and the entire industry keep rocking!

By Red Bangle

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Jan 29, 2024

With thanks to The Eagles and the most legendary rock song of all time – Hotel California.

Sound on for best effect!

[Verse 1]

In the Indian Alcobev Industry
where TVCS are banned.
Marketers gather,
and come up with a plan.
Up ahead in the distance,
regulations in sight,
But you got some tricks up your sleeves
for a creative fight.

[Verse 2]

There’s surrogate advertising
Doesn’t that sound great?
Sodas, CDs and mineral water.
“This could be heaven, or up for debate.”
Coz you hear from the CCPA
Saying that’s not allowed.
There are voices down their corridor
Ringing out clear and loud.


“Welcome to the Indian Alcobev Industry
Such a complex place (such a complex place)
Such a complex case
Plenty of rules in the Indian Alcobev Industry
Any time of year (any time of year)
You can find it here.”

[Verse 3]

So, Sula and Grover got vineyards
They offer the experiential edge, uh
Brands got a lot of witty, witty ways
to make their customers stretch.
Budweiser’s got Spotify playlists,
Bacardi, music fests.
Amrut’s got a distillery tour,
Bira’s got sporting events.

[Verse 4]

Some got mixology workshops,
some, packaging AR,
some got funky merchandise, and some got
a nightclub & bar.
And now the consumers are coming,
From far away.
They’re all whipping out their wallets
Just to hear you say.


“Welcome to the Indian Alcobev Industry
Such a complex place (such a complex place)
Such a complex case.
Brands are livin’ it up at the Indian Alcobev Industry
Through creative eyes (through creative eyes)
where innovation resides.”

[Verse 5]

Digital and social media
is where you can advertise.
For campaigns about responsible drinking
and food pairing advice.
Gotta build a community
with inspirational content.
Cross-industry collabs
And initiatives well meant.

[Verse 6]

Last thing to remember
before you get ready for the show.
Gotta find the perfect partner
to take you where you wanna go.
“Relax, ” said Red Bangle.
“We are programmed to believe –
You gotta check out of the ordinary
to see what your spirit can achieve!”

(Guitar Solo)

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