While we are busy supporting your growth with strategic brand content, we also make time to inspire social change through digital content. Take a look at our social impact project. 

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The Lakshmi Rebecca Show

Positive social change is a shared goal at Red Bangle. We believe that a good, true story can inspire a hundred more. That’s why we’ve been creating an inspiring YouTube series on social entrepreneurs in India. Hosted by Lakshmi Rebecca (Co-founder, Red Bangle), the series features handpicked stories of sustainable, scalable and proven impact businesses. We invest up to a month in crafting each episode to bring you an engaging, information-filled and moving story of the business, its beneficiaries and the entrepreneur. The Lakshmi Rebecca Show has over 10Mn views across platforms and is funded by Red Bangle.

Catch Some Inspiration
Shanti Raghavan, Founder
Enable India
Shanti Raghavan
What can I say about Chai with Lakshmi? Firstly it was a pleasure talking to Lakshmi. She created space for a genuine conversation in a high quality production setting that made people sit up and notice! The subsequent viewership helped many people to truly know the substance that Enable India stands for! This was in our early days and was pivotal in our journey to where we have reached today! For me what stands out is that she is ahead of her times to give social innovators such spaces to communicate..
Shubhendu Sharma, Founder
Shubhendu Sharma
My interview with you helped me to articulate my scattered thoughts and make a roadmap for the future. Though we were in a super early stage, you gave us a chance and treated me as if I had already made it big. We spoke about the larger mission, going global, institutionalizing our work, none of it was done, but it was up there in our thoughts. Now I watch our interaction and realize that you helped me articulate and later manifest things that are happening right now. Thanks a lot again for giving me that opportunity in the early days of Afforestt.
Ajaita Shah, Founder
Frontier Markets
Ajaita Shah
I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to have been featured on The Lakshmi Rebecca Show. The interview was not just a chance to talk about Frontier Markets; it was an authentic reflection of my journey and the passion driving our mission. Lakshmi's storytelling captured the heart of our work, resonating with viewers in a profound way. The episode has been invaluable in raising awareness about Frontier Markets and fostering connections with a much wider audience. I am truly grateful for the platform and highly recommend The Lakshmi Rebecca Show to fellow changemakers seeking to share their story.