Creative Ideation
Content Production
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Background & objective

MyGate is a smart, technology-forward security solution that helps gated communities manage their security needs including visitor entry and exit, household help and more.

However, there was a lack of enthusiasm amongst security guards around the new technology. With the onground security forces forming an important part of the user group, MyGate needed to build a positive association between its app and the security guards.

Creative Solution

Typically, security guards in India are from smaller towns, work long hours, are an ignored support system and are not tech savvy. They saw the MyGate app as yet another chore - when in fact it was also built to make their work easier. 

With security guards being integral to product adoption, it was crucial that MyGate create a positive association with this user group, drive app usage and demonstrate app effectiveness.  Therefore, the first step was to acknowledge their contributions and restore social respect. This led to the creation of the central idea, #HeroesatMyGate, which aimed to recognize the sacrifices that guards make to ensure our safety and well-being. The marketing campaign illustrated authentic scenarios within apartment complexes, highlighting the treatment of security guards. We seamlessly integrated MyGate's brand name into the campaign message. 

The campaign humanized security guards and highlighted their importance, resulting in a positive response from both security guards and apartment residents. The guards also began to perceive MyGate as their partner, which led to an improved adoption of the app.


Security agency MyGate’s campaign is an ode to security guards

MyGate has come up with a campaign, which is an ode to the security guards. The film has been created by Red Bangle. It highlights the hard wok put in by the security guards, which often go unappreciated