The Art Of FMCG Storytelling: Cracking The Content Marketing Code

Indian FMCG marketers are faced with the tough task of standing out in a loud and crowded market and must come up with both tried and tested and emerging creative content marketing techniques to make an impact.

By Rimona for Red Bangle

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Jan 31, 2024

In today’s outrageously crowded landscape, where not just legacy but even smaller D2C brands seem to have deep pockets and access to the same marketing tools, ‘FMCG’ might as well stand for Fast Moving Competitors Gain. 

Whether it’s food & beverages, beauty & personal care, health & wellness or household goods, every category throws up a new brand faster than you can say ‘Introducing’. Every day, social media feeds are inundated with sponsored ads of brands you’ve never heard of. Dive a little deeper and you’ll find that each one claims to be the best ever, the most sustainable, the most differentiated, the best deal, the most effective or some other mind-boggling superlative that simply must be purchased this instant or else you’re missing out, you’re wasting your money or you’re just plain uncool. 

And then there are those consuming this content who are now all too educated about the differences between natural, organic, ayurvedic and herbal. About how gluten and dairy can kill you the moment you pick a pack off a shelf. About microplastics turning marine life mutant. About sinister sulfates and perilous parabens. It’s a jungle out there.

So how does a brand really stand apart in a sea of content teeming with hyper aware fish?

With time-tested content marketing tools like:

a) Storytelling through packaging (RXBar & Method internationally, Paper Boat and The Whole Truth in India)

b) Brand consistency across platforms (Coca-Cola, Dove & Tata Tea)

c) Collaborations (Heinz, Pepsi & Epigamia)

d) Social media engagement (Fenty Beauty, Zomato & Nykaa)

e) Content localization (Kit Kat & Fogg)

f) Sustainable & ethical messaging (Body Shop & Biotique)

a) AI, VR/AR (L’oreal & Coca-Cola)

b) E-commerce Integration (Dollar Shave Club & TataCliq)

c) User generated content (Starbucks, Lays, Maggi & Kurkure)

d) Gamification (Heineken)

e) Conversational Marketing

f)  Immersive storytelling

g)  Podcasting

Trends that are no doubt here for the foreseeable future.

Brands that integrate a mix of time-tested and emerging trends in content marketing engage audiences better, ensure a broader reach across diverse segments, build trust and familiarity, and allow for agility during sudden market changes. This balanced approach positions the brand for sustained success in an ever-changing market.

But when everyone and their sub-brand has access to these tools, simply checking boxes off the list is not enough to gain customers and keep them loyal.

The key is quality.

Quality content positions the brand as an authority in its industry or niche and is more likely to engage and resonate with the target audience, be shared on social media and improve search engine rankings and visibility. Educating customers and addressing their pain points must go hand in hand with content that can be enjoyed. Don’t forget, the very generation we accuse of having 5 second attention spans on social media is the same one that spends 18 straight hours binge watching shows. The difference is entertainment. 

“Are you not entertained?” roars Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator after decimating his opponents to the max in the ring. A statement of sarcasm directed at bloodthirsty crowds as they cheered on the gore. The question is the same marketers must ask their equally savage audience. While making the show worth every penny of the money their customer is willing to spend. 

By nature, FMCG will always beg the question – ‘who did it faster?’ but the equally important and often overlooked question – ‘who did it better?’ is the one that will ultimately foster customer loyalty. 

Open the rings. Let out the lions. May the best gladiator win.

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