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Videos That Work Brilliantly For Consumer Tech

23 January 2023 | Madhuwanti for Red Bangle
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Videos That Work Brilliantly For Consumer Tech

Imagine running a Google search for a robotic vacuum cleaner that you’re considering buying. You are not really sure how it works. You click on a link that promises information; leading you to a product page with a very long description and guess what? No video!

In the absence of a consumer tech video, I bet that the likelihood of you buying or even considering buying the beautiful robotic vacuum just dropped about 80X. After all, humans are infamously visual learners. So much so, that what we see, can even influence what we believe we hear. Fun fact – this is called the McGurk Effect.

You see, videos are an incredibly powerful tool. And when it comes to consumer technology, videos that show the product, explain how to use it, and show features in action, have a huge influence on the purchase decision.  In fact, Optinmonstor’s 2022 report on ‘Consumers and Video’ observes that 84% of consumers say they are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video on the product.

Today, consumer tech brands are investing heavily in a video marketing strategy that focuses on increasing product discovery and sales. For those of you looking for ideas, here are some videos to inspire you.


If you think explainer videos are boring, think again.  Samsung’s Freestyle projector’s explainer video is a great example of a video done well. The two-minute video highlights the projector’s striking features with gripping visuals, motion graphics, and a groovy soundtrack to match. It showcases all the fun things the product can do, successfully luring me to check out the price – if not add it to my cart.

Explainer Videos as a category hold incredible power. Just look at the State of Video Marketing report on Hubspot for instance: 84% of customers decide to make a purchase after watching an explainer video. Early-stage startups have attracted hordes of early adopters all thanks to explainer videos that ooze confidence. Honestly, explainers are just super easy to consume. They are simple, straightforward, and help deliver your core message efficiently all day long.

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are a fantastic way to build hype around your product. What started off as a content bucket for creators on YouTube, today, is an incredible tool for brands to deepen audience reach. Take a look at the reigning champion of unboxing videos – Unbox Therapy’s 4.3 billion channel views and you’ll know just how much netizens are obsessed with them.

From the ASMR experience of cracking a box open and peeling screen protectors, to deep diving into build quality and product specs, unboxing videos offer a wide array of benefits a consumer tech brand can exploit. Here are two ideas for you: 

Take the Nothing Phone 1 route and offer an exclusive first look. Before the unboxing video that went alongside the launch event, consumers had seen nothing besides the glyph interface at the back of the phone. The result: an incredible amount of hype to see the flagship come into its own. 

Another fantastic idea is to use them to flaunt your packaging design discipline. The psychological impact of thoughtfully designed packages not only builds brand affinity, but for a lot of consumer tech products, establishes personality, and helps in owning a premium positioning to set them apart from the herd.

Customer testimonials

If videos are the best way to build trust, customer testimonials are their holy grail. Customer testimonial videos that are rooted in honest storytelling, don’t just humanize your brand but also play a pivotal role in bringing prospective customers down from the consideration stage to the conversation stage.

One example that immediately comes to mind is the Apple watch customer testimonial video.

Apple’s marketing effort has always been touted to be a cut above the rest. Their filmmaking has continued to be remarkably fresh, paying an incredible amount of attention to detail. Another feather in their cap, is the Apple Watch video. 

In this four-minuter, four consumers describe their personal experiences on how Apple Watch saved their lives. It’s emotional, captivating with gorgeous cinematography, and complemented by an inspiring background score.

It nearly made me leave everything aside and go to an e-commerce site to add the watch to my cart. Now, some of you may think – that’s just me being vulnerable. But to me, that just illustrates the sheer power of a customer testimonial video.


There’s something incredibly magical about taking a peek behind the curtain. Perhaps it’s the elusive nature of exclusivity, and perhaps, it’s the satisfaction of satiating curiosity. Regardless, this format always appeals to those who appreciate the craftsmanship behind creating a fine product. The ones who want to see the nitty-gritty of developing, producing, and distributing a blockbuster product.

The more you involve your TG in the process, the more vested they will be in your product. It’s worth the effort. 

The authenticity and uniqueness of the behind-the-scenes material draws viewers, increasing viewership and brand loyalty.

It humanizes your brand. 

For instance, videos that depict the journey of a product–from proof of concept to go-to-market– can help in building brand empathy and bringing your customers closer to you. 

How do you do this?

You interview employees who are evangelists; employees who live and breathe your mission. Put a face in front of your product. Talk about values. Talk about impact. Craft a story that moves. 

This reminds me of this 15-minute film from Nothing, the new-kid-on-the-block in the smartphone category. The BTS video follows its Head of Design Tom Howard, co-founder Akis, and CEO Carl Pei (of OnePlus fame) as they prepare for their first phone launch while sneakingly teasing us with a glimpse of what is to come.

Shot in black and white, the video is an engaging journey of the leadership team as they navigate their personal and professional lives to start something from ground zero.So depending on where you are in your customer acquisition journey, there is a video for nearly every stage. Whether it’s promoting or releasing your product, showcasing your brand values, or connecting with customers, a well-shot video does the job.  Naturally, it needs to be engaging and edgy enough to excite your audience to add it to their cart. 

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