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Three Easy To Make Business Videos For Holiday Seasons

3 January 2022 | Mohammed for Red Bangle
Easy To Make Business Videos

Easy to make videos

As the year comes to an end and teams get thinner with well-deserved breaks, does your marketing funnel start to attenuate? For businesses that value growth, staying ‘always-on’ is an incredible way to build customer retention and acquisition throughout the customer life cycle.

Repurposing big-rock content into snackable well packaged bite-sized videos can save your team huge amounts of time on content creation and help your content stay on through the holiday season. Here are three ideas and some tips to make business videos for holidays.

Turn stats into videos

Transform key metrics of how your business performed and the value you added to your customers’ lives with stock videos, images, and animation. Case in point – ​​Swiggy’s annual order analysis report- StatEATistics. In its third installment listed above – Swiggy unveils the country’s ever-evolving gastronomical preferences with a charmingly jesty script paired with superbly executed animation sequences.

Go From Text To Video

Every year, the DNV Energy Transition Outlook report gives the findings of an impartial model of the global energy system. It covers the period from now to 2050 and projects the worldwide and 10 world regions’ energy transformation. For DNV, this is a key piece of evidence to their commitment to energy, and being a thought leader in the space. The report however is gated content. Video is an incredible way to position your gated and long-form content and that’s exactly what DNV did in the video above. Reviving big rock pieces such as reports, blogs, and podcasts and breaking them down in the form of slick, contemporary videos can re-communicate its message back to your audience.

Create Webinar Recaps

Here’s the deal: producing and managing webinars requires a lot of time and effort. Not leveraging your webinar recordings for every cent and every second they are worth can be a wasted opportunity, and we wouldn’t want that for you. To get more use out of your webinars once they’re over, try breaking them into smaller video clips. While some of your clients may like watching hour-long webinars, a lot of them may not have the time for it. Some may not even find it logistically possible to join live if you’re streaming it. Compressing your webinar and transforming it into short 5-minute highlight reels that only cover the most significant and interesting things mentioned in the webinar will enhance engagement and build a new audience set for future webinars. This could pan out to be a new approach to generate leads organically online.

Inspired? We have so much more where that came from. Get in touch with us with your big-rock pieces and we’ll help in turning them into incredible videos that engage, inform and convert! Write to us on [email protected] and let’s talk about video formats you can leverage to stay always on.