5 IPL ads we love

For a lot of Indians, cricket is religion and Dhoni, a God. But IPL is not just another cricket format, is it?  As a brand, the Indian Premier League signifies a lot more than a sporting event. It’s entertainment power packed with bold colors and theme songs. It’s glamorous, complete with cheerleaders and celebrities. But above all, it’s very Indian, with a core ideology. Much like Dream11’s tagline: Yehan sab same hai, yeh apna game hai, IPL too captures the essence of Gully cricket where everyone is the same. IPL belongs not to the star-studded players who’ve been bought for crores, but to the common man. It is that one brand in the country that brings glamour and etertainment close to its viewers. It’s no wonder that the IPL season is almost like a festival.


5 To-Dos For A Successful UGC Video Campaign

Not only are UGC campaigns a useful tool for engaging with your existing customer base, they are extremely powerful in attracting new customers. It so happens that video-driven UGC campaigns fare much better than any other form. Why? Because videos are 12 times more likely to be watched by your consumers.

Video production cheat sheet

The complete video production cheat sheet you need for your business

In today’s day and age, people want dynamic content that’s short, crisp, and can be gobbled up on …