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Content That Can Help You Stimulate Demand Post COVID-19

30 May 2020 | Mohammed at Red Bangle
stimulate demand post covid

When the world changes as rapidly as it does today, one of the greatest challenges businesses face is – staying relevant to the target audience. This is where using content to stimulate demand post COVID-19 comes into play. With regard to brands, long-term studies have shown us that the right approach during economic uncertainty is not to cut down on, but to increase your marketing spend. 

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a piece on what it means to invest in marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketing professionals across industries lie on either side of the fence as far as marketing spends are concerned. However, with regard to marketeers, Media Confidential collated reports that showed – Marketers Who Keep Spending During & After Downturns Fare Better. In light of all this data, we’ve put together content verticals that can help you stimulate demand


Blog Posts

Works at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel – Awareness, Consideration and Conversion

Companies with a blog page hosted on the web receive a 97% increase to links to their websites when compared to companies that don’t. An increase in backlinks translates to more traffic; which in turn translates to higher leads and higher conversion

In comparison to other content formats, require lesser resources to create and are easier to produce.

When written well – keeping in mind best practices – great way to boost SEO value and drive traffic

For it to have the most impact, fresh blog content must be consistently published

Extremely flexible – content density can vary between crisp and long-form variants

One of the best marketing conversation starters. Engages the audience to comment and increases opportunities to guest posts.


Video Content

In their latest research paper, MarketingSherpa found that videos can increase monthly unique visitors to your website by 300%

Video is one of the most engaging forms of online content and its popularity is continuing to increase

In some cases production of video may be extensive and expensive in comparison to text based content, but it is definitely possible to produce simple videos on a small budget

Longer timelines to complete and is resource intensive

One of the most difficult formats to crack and drive engagement

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and shows over one billion hours of video every day to its users

Extremely sharable – One of the most shared content formats across social media 

Boosts authority and branding impact extremely effectively


Audio Content

Builds brand loyalty, drives engagement and gives you a unique share of voice

Enables you to engage and connect with a captive audience

Podcasts are a growing trend – over 30% of the US population listens to a podcast at least once a month

Investing in pro-audio equipment and recording and engineering talent for recording high-quality sound is essential

Consistent production is essential to maintain an audience

Difficult to measure ROI

Stimulating Demand Blog Images

Static Graphic Content

Infographics are great for representing data in an easy-to-understand format

Photographs are one of the most popular and share worthy content formats across social media platforms

Other blogs likely to borrow and build links back to your website making it a great brand awareness and SEO strategy

May not be as versatile as Video

Collecting data and producing graphics for infographics can be time-consuming

Slightly minimised potential for engagement

We’re Here To Help

Need help strategising? Ideating? Executing? Some editing support perhaps? The Red Bangle team is more than happy to help you get going. Our professional crews are trained on safe shoot practices for photography and videos, and can assist in producing high-quality content. If you have any questions, write to us at [email protected] or simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch.