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Nailing B2B sales outreach with videos

24 January 2022 | Shishira For Red Bangle

Videos that power B2B sales

The truth is, the world of sales is continuously changing and a lot of sales reps find prospecting quite challenging. And since it is a vital part of your sales process, it’s absolutely imperative to make sure you have the right means to reach your potential clients. 

While technology can help fast-track your outreach, is there a better way to truly stand out and have a more human approach – even in the midst of a pandemic? We say: there is.

Due to the tremendous transition to digital, videos have stolen the focus when it comes to b2b sales. Let’s take my case for example – I wake up and I spend 20 minutes browsing Instagram or LinkedIn. And 30% of everything I consume is videos. Now, imagine someone sends me an email with a video that sells to me personally? That definitely stands out. According to Forbes, a whopping 65% have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video. Even before the pandemic, video was on a steep growth trajectory, and Cisco predicted that by the end of 2022, video will account for a staggering 82 percent of all published material on the internet.

What is video prospecting?

Prospecting in sales is the first step in identifying potential clients and then reaching out to them through different mediums and channels to try your product or service. Video prospecting is using video as a medium to communicate to your potential client in a personalised manner. 

The goal is to replace boring monotonous text, with something unique, engaging and more human. It generally works well for:

  1. Cold outreach
  2. Reconnecting with a prospect
  3. Leveraging recent news to connect with an account
  4. Prospecting from one-to-many
  5. Highlighting a piece of marketing content

Personalised Videos – A bang for your buck

Take Frank Weschler from Dynamic Signal who was willing to do whatever it took to get the attention of his prospects at Buffalo Wild Wings. He sent them a short recording of himself eating their hottest wings on the menu, sweating and choking while he pitched why they should book a meeting with him. And guess what? They did book a meeting! And he won 2019’s Video in Business Award!

So why and how did he succeed?

It wasn’t just Frank’s creativity that got him that account. Coupled with his unique, authentic and bold approach he personalised his message in a way that made Buffalo Wild Wings feel valued. He made the pitch all about them and their product. Think about it, if he had sent the same message across in the form of an email it wouldn’t have made as much of an impact. That’s the power of personalised videos, and outreach video marketing

Personalised videos are more than just calling out your prospect’s name. It’s about doing your research to identify their problems, understand their challenges and approach them with a solution specific to them. Every pitch is unique and it’s important to keep it that way.

If this is your first time prospecting with video, the concept of reading a script in front of a camera can be intimidating. However, outreach video marketing does not have to be limited to talking to a camera. To bring your story together, employ resources like white boards, screen recorders, and even stock footage content to tie your pitch narrative together.

The scope of creativity in short marketing video content is way higher than what you’d find in an email or a cold call. It makes you memorable and at a time when it’s so easy to get lost, being memorable can really help bring your customers to the table for a chat.

The one key thing in any business is building authentic connections no matter who you are and what you do. Becoming a helpful resource and providing value to your prospect is something that can help strengthen your relationship and using personalised videos helps you come across as a trustworthy business.


When can I use videos in my prospecting journey?

The answer to the question, “When should I use video prospecting?” can be as simple as: Wherever and whenever you need a boost. The slightly more detailed answer is: Start with a part of your process that feels like a natural fit for video, and test, test, test to see what works.

Figuring out where to use video prospecting comes down to thinking about the parts of your process that would benefit most from face-to-face interaction. In many cases, actual in-person meetings simply aren’t possible. Video is the perfect digital substitute for physical facetime – it builds similarly strong connections, and it does this at scale.

It all depends on your process, your business, and your prospective customers. Test marketing video content in a variety of different points in your user journey to see where it works best. Want to make videos that win prospects? Get in touch with us on [email protected]