Marketing Videos of 2022 That Made A Splash

15 February 2023 | Madhuwanti for Red Bangle
Best Marketing Videos of 2022

When one looks back at 2022,  one feels that it signifies a lot of things. But more importantly, it was a push to get back to pre-pandemic normalcy. We saw brands and businesses of all sizes upping their marketing budgets and reimagining their communication strategies with fresh vigor. It was clear they were more than happy to raise stakes during festive and sports seasons. We witnessed a spurt of campaigns and marketing videos from brands across industries delving into themes and innovative storylines to stay relevant and memorable.

So we picked up those marketing videos which made all the right noise for the right reasons. Here are some of the best marketing videos of 2022

‘The Greatest’ by Apple

This all-inclusive film released titled ‘The Greatest,’ has won our hearts with its portrayal of how the brand can support differently-abled individuals to lead content and independent lives. 

For instance, the Apple smartwatch alerts a hearing-impaired mother when her baby starts crying.  A visually impaired artiste detects stage door with his iPhone. A woman uses her phone’s assistive touch feature to apply eye makeup using her toes. 

 The visuals are backed by an upbeat foot tapping soundtrack of almost the same name ‘I Am The Greatest by Spinifex Gum & Marliya Choir. The icing on the cake are the lyrics which are  pulled from lines and poems from the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Even though the ad highlights Apple products it never takes the spotlight away from its protagonists. The film carves a fine balance between product specs and the people featured. Every character keeps you glued to the screen. There are moments in the ad so inspiring that you cheer for them till the end. 

Apple has earned that premium positioning with its engaging storyline coupled with stunning cinematography on how they have improved their customers’ lives.

It does it here again.

It shows how the accessibility features on your Apple products make life relatively easier people with a range of disabilities.

Like they say it’s the small things that matter. 

‘5 Stars Everywhere’ by Cadbury 5 Star

There is a certain respect for folks who practice what they preach. That’s why Cadbury 5 Star’s festive campaign made it to this list. For its festive campaign, the chocolate brand decided to take its tagline (‘Eat 5 Star. Do Nothing’) a notch higher by almost doing ‘nothing’. 

It tweaked its logo to show five white stars. How does it work? Cadbury believes that whenever you rate an app you will see its logo. Whether it’s a movie review, shopping online, booking a taxi, or ordering food, you will see its logo everywhere, as the voice over (VO) artist mentions in the spot.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the one-minute film titled ‘5 Stars Everywhere’ opens with stashes of notes on the table with the VO artist commenting on the money brands spend during the festive season ‘to flash their logo on thousands of apps’.  What was Cadbury 5 Star’s budget? ‘Nothing’ as implied by the empty glass pane in the film (and voiced out as well). All that Cadbury did was alter 5 Star’s logo slightly to generate a high brand recall.

We love the humorous take on marketing spends, a storyline not delved into much in the ad world, at least in India. Till the final scene it reiterates how the brand didn’t even spend money on the ‘actor’ who was seen enjoying 5 Star. Apparently, an ‘intern’. 

The Ad works because a five star rating will invariably remind you of the chocolate bar logo whenever you see it. The brand gained maximum eyeballs across almost every app by being inventive with the logo in a way that consumers engaged with it indirectly. 

You may call it simplicity. But the brand calls it laziness.

‘#Chatpat’ by SOS Children’s Villages of India

This case study by childcare NGO SOS Children’s Villages of India can give NGOs and brands a lesson or two both in raising funds and awareness.

The video, titled ‘#Chatpat’ is created by FCB India, FCB Chicago, and Kinnect, is a unique attempt to enable the NGO to raise funds for homeless children and the destitute. 

For the uninitiated, Chatpat is a 10-year-old boy from Mumbai, an internet sensation and the brand ambassador of the childcare NGO SOS Children’s Villages of India. He already created a stir with his videos on social causes like child labour since 2021. 

But this time he took it a notch higher as we saw him and his friends recreating iconic ads of Cadbury, Tide, Liril and Cred, among others. Whether it’s playing gully cricket for the Cadbury ad, showering at dhobi ghat for the Liril ad, using a white cloth to mimic the white swoosh animation in the Tide ad, or donning a white wig for the Cred ad, Chatpat did it all. His only request was if the brands loved his rendition they should donate to the NGO.

‘#Chatpat’ campaign was a roaring success on social media. Not only that it picked up eight Lions at Cannes Lions and Kyoorius Advertising. But most importantly, it achieved its mission of raising corporate funds as seven brands came forward to make donations. 

Moreover, the brand witnessed around 51 percent increase in individual donations, 278 percent increase in brand mentions, and 1506 percent increase in brand impressions.

‘Don’t Miss Out with Larry David’ by FTX

Among many things that Super Bowl is known for (read half-time shows and actual football), the ads are probably the real deal. And why not? According to Prosper Insights and Analytics, 18 percent of Super Bowl viewers look forward to the funny, splashy TV ads during the commercial breaks. That’s a sizeable number, considering how few people watch television today.  

That’s why brands raise up the stakes and go all out creatively and financially to launch ambitious yet engaging commercials. 

The one that caught our attention was cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX’s campaign titled ‘Don’t miss out on Crypto’ featuring America’s grumpiest comedian Larry David. 

In this two-and-a-half-minute film, we see David appearing in different forms through different eras mocking every invention from the wheel, toilet, and lightbulb to portable music. In the final scene, we see an FTX employee showing him the app, explaining it as ‘a safe and easy way to get into crypto.’ David immediately turns him down, “Eh, I don’t think so. And I’m never wrong about this stuff.”

Even though ironically David was right as FTX declared bankruptcy in November.  

But it did achieve to make some noise during Super Bowl as FTX went on to become one of the most retweeted brands during the Super Bowl. The spot even won the “Most Comical” honor in USA Today‘s Ad Meter. 

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