Maker Signup -


We are building a global network of high-quality filmmakers that we can work with for producing amazing content for businesses. We are glad to invite you to be part of this.

Here’s a quick look at how this works:

  • 1. This is a by-invite-only platform for filmmakers across the world. If you are here, you are special and we love your work!
  • 2. We provide the projects and you get paid per day or project, depending on the type and size of the assignment
  • 3. You get access to great tools that we will build to enable your service delivery
  • 4. You choose how to receive your payment and we’ll pay you post project completion or in trenches if this is a long-term or larger project
  • 5. All IP for your original work you share with us for marketing purposes stays with you, and by agreeing to our terms and conditions you would be assigning us rights across mediums for promotional purposes only (i.e., non-monetisable)
  • 6. All IP of the work you create for our clients and us will stay with the end clients and us (well, in some cases)
  • 7. You are welcome to represent or showcase the work you contribute to or create provided it is not confidential content (and we will clarify this with you on every project)
  • 8. You agree to work exclusively with our maker network and not other curated maker networks (you are free to work with other makers, production houses, agencies and businesses directly as you already do)
  • 9. You agree to work with our clients only through our platform and in return we will help you grow your business with your existing clients with our awesome tools!
  • 10. We’ve given all the legal jargon of all the above points in our Terms and Conditions document given at the end of this Sign up form, should you wish to go through that.

Good to go? Sign up!

Note : File size not to exceed more than 2 MB