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How to hack Virtual Shoots for marketing | Red Bangle

19 August 2021 | Archita for Red Bangle
Virtual Shoots for marketing

How to do Virtual Shoots

One of the most exciting and convenient developments in the world of video right now is the emergence of Virtual Shoots. We know that as a marketer, or an internal comms expert, you might have heard of this form of video making—especially during the time of social distancing—but you may not know exactly how much value you stand to leverage out of it. And that is why we put together an extensive guide to help you understand all aspects of it. 

Find a complete list of dos and don’ts, as well as the full version of this breakdown in this PDF document

You may have already realised the importance of making videos for your organization. According to global statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing in the year 2020. With the ROI of online videos increasing, it’s hardly surprising that 99% of the marketers who are currently using videos will continue to do so in the coming years.

With so much importance placed on videos, the pressure of leveraging one of the biggest mediums of communication by making more videos has always been tremendously high on marketeers around the world. But, how do you go about shooting one in a short span of time without having to cut corners on quality during the age of social distancing? 

Luckily, virtual shoots are more than up to the task.

Major improvements in software and technology have made creating videos a relatively easier task. Virtual Shoots have become a weapon of choice for organizations that thrive on video-creation, helping them grow, even during these unprecedented times.


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What are virtual shoots? 

To put it simply, a virtual shoot means exactly that – shooting or recording high quality videos virtually or remotely on your own without needing a camera crew on location (at least in most cases). You can say it is the video production industry’s answer to the pandemic where working remotely became a norm. It is also useful in situations where one has budget constraints, time constraints or even travel constraints.  

Virtual shoots can be done from anywhere. You can create any kind of video, on-demand. From recording a perfect live streaming video, to recording live events, interviews, interactions or demo videos, all you need is a simple self-recording device such as a web camera and microphone and some editing chops to bring the whole thing together.

Why virtual shoots?

The primary benefit of a virtual shoot is the conservation of resources. You save your time, money and a whole lot of hassle and work required to shoot an actual video on location. These shoots can be done at very short notice from anywhere in the world, across geographies and time zones.

Since this doesn’t need a lot of manpower to handle production, you can shoot from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office. In the age of indefinite remote-work, embracing these video-related solutions is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Types of virtual shoots

There are no specifically defined types of virtual shoots, per se. As an experienced marketer, you can use your creativity to leverage it to suit your needs or your audience’s. But if we still were to make a list, you can opt for virtual video shoots for the scenarios listed below:

1. Virtual interviews/interactions with industry influencers


2. Online Events


3. Demo Videos


4. Live Q&A Sessions (Example: Ask Me Anything)


5. Product Launches/Feature Announcements


6. News Sharing

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you want to record and for what purpose.

Find a complete list of dos and don’ts, as well as the full version of this breakdown in this PDF document

The Red Bangle Advantage

As an end-to-end video production agency, at Red Bangle, we offer virtual video shoots as a standalone solution. We will not only run the virtual shoot but also manage the pre and post-production for you. And just in case the video content you want to shoot requires a camera crew, we are happy to provide that too.

We were one of the few studios that put together a strict COVID-safe video production protocol document early into the pandemic – one that’s adapted to every country’s local social distancing guidelines. Read this to understand how taking thorough care is a non-negotiable part of our working policy.

Write to us on [email protected] and we will be happy to take you through how we can elevate your virtual shoot experience and take it to the next level.