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How B2B Startups Are Killing It With Videos

7 March 2022 | Mohammed for Red Bangle
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Amazing videos by B2B Startups

According to Wyzowl, 63 percent of businesses are now using video content marketing to sell their products or services and 82 percent of businesses say video marketing is an important part of their entire marketing strategy. While video is rapidly evolving, we can expect it to reach new heights sooner than we think. 

Video marketing is without a doubt one of the hottest additions to any startup’s promotional toolset. According to studies, video is not only popular because everyone is doing it, but, more so, it is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tactics accessible today. In fact, 83 percent of businesses believe video marketing offers a good return on investment.

Take search engines for example – Search engines love video. Think about it – the second most popular search engine – behind Google – is video-first: YouTube. As long as you have a solid take-off point and make videos that are informative, educational, and entertaining, engagement is going to follow, and so is traffic and leads.

If you’re thinking about how you can check those boxes off without having to spend hours on figuring out a take-off point for your video strategy, fret not! We’ve got you covered. Here’s how 4 of the year’s freshly minted B2B unicorns are leveraging the power of video for their business.

Content Properties – Insider

Startups aiming to grab the attention of their target audiences have greater challenges than ever before. The markets continue to get increasingly competitive, and to top it all off, you’re pinned against some of the largest businesses of the world (and their deep pockets). It could get difficult for you to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Enter – Content Properties. 

While great storytelling videos in the form of pitch videos and explainer videos are absolutely necessary to understand and create interest in your brand, in order to boost its discoverability, you must generate non-linear content that deviates from conventional brand storytelling in a number of directions.

With Shemarkables, Insider – a CX company on a massive growth curve – connects, champions, and celebrates amazing women in customer experience just ahead of International Women’s Day ‘22. From future customer experience trends to raising the number of female engineers in tech firms Shemarkables explores ways to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations.

Case Studies – BloomReach

Case study videos can help startups acquire new customers and increase revenue especially when your leads are at the consideration and conversion stage of your funnel. They are persuasive, interesting, adaptable, and emotionally connect in ways that text-based case studies find hard to achieve.

Interviewing clients in case study videos humanizes your business and helps potential customers comprehend your solutions using a storytelling format that’s almost always the most compelling way to engage leads – testimonials backed with success metrics and data.

Exponea – that was acquired by BloomReach – a SaaS solution that’s quickly growing to be a leader in Commerce Experience Cloud uses client case studies in the form of well shot and structured video content to strengthen their bottom of the funnel conversions and accelerate product adoption.

Growing Talent Pool – Darwinbox

Finding the right people who align with the long-term vision and culture of your startup is just as important as producing a fantastic product. A group of skilled and ambitious individuals not only assists the founders in carrying out their mission of creating a successful company forward, but they also contribute to the development of the appropriate company culture.

When Darwinbox – an end-to-end, agile HCM platform for the evolving world of work – came to us with their brief of a culture video to boost talent acquisition, we put our thinking hats on, and crafted a video that takes prospective candidates through industry problem statements, work culture, growth opportunities, additional benefits, and product impact, all while showing how far the company has come from where they began.

Big Rock Content – Anyscale

An absolute gold mine in the form of big-rock content that aids conversion, is a webinar. Webinars make it possible for businesses to engage with clients one-on-one, in a group, as a community, in real-time, or post-broadcast. Each permutation and combination brings a unique persona closer to becoming a paid customer. 

As one of the most engaging forms of content marketing, webinars aid in positioning businesses as thought leaders, amplify reach, enhance brand value, build trust, and network with industry veterans, all while proving to be a great source of high-quality leads.

Anyscale – a platform that accelerates building, scaling, and deploying AI applications on one of the fastest-growing frameworks – was founded by the creators of Ray, an open-source project from the UC Berkeley RISELab. Anyscale uses videos such as the keynote above, to serve as precursors to a host of webinars that educate leads and help them understand the brand value proposition, while at the same time building a community of practitioners and driving adoption.

Video content is essential for every business, regardless of its size. Video content for startups, on the other hand, offers a greater opportunity to establish visibility and to be noticed by clients and consumers more quickly than any other medium, without having to blow over your promotional spend. Want to make videos that boost brand value and drive conversions for your startup? Write to us on [email protected].