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Make Landing Pages Less Boring With Videos

Make Landing Pages Less Boring With Videos Landing pages. A marketing frontier that has been a tried and …

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The Ultimate Guide for Making YouTube Shorts

At the India Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival’s Marche Du Films, a panel titled ‘Filming in India – A world of opportunities‘ discussed how India has become increasingly shooting-friendly after almost a decade of efforts and how ease in permissions has fuelled a boom in filming projects in the country – with the aim of sustaining this and turning India into one of the most coveted content producers.

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How to hack Virtual Shoots for marketing | Red Bangle

One of the most exciting and convenient developments in the world of video right now is the emergence of Virtual Shoots. We know that as a marketer, or an internal comms expert, you might have heard of this form of video making—especially during the time of social distancing—but you may not know exactly how much value you stand to leverage out of it.