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The world has reinvented video interviews

When creating videos, few things come close to building a connection with the audience like a professionally produced video interview.

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5 tips to shooting a great interview

Whether it’s for a customer testimonial video or a plug into a corporate video, interviews are a great way to bring in an endorsement, an interesting point of view or a human touch to a story. But shooting an interview can be quite challenging. There are a lot of variables to control, and you usually have only one chance to get it right, especially if you’re on a fixed time slot


6 Incredible Recruitment Videos To Attract, Hire And Retain Talent

‘Digital-first’ as a communication theory has contributed towards the evolutionary cycle of industries across the spectrum. The world of HR and recruitment has evolved phenomenally owing to this change in the last few decades. From social media’s increasing role in recruitment (think: both social media companies like LinkedIn, as well as the success of hiring campaigns on other social platforms) to internet businesses such as Glassdoor, being digital-first has been a defining factor within hiring strategies for some of the largest brands in the world.