Producer, USA

Are you crazy about videos, super organised and super-skilled at negotiation? If the answer is yes, you’re staring at the right opportunity. 

We are looking for a part-time Producer to run video productions across the US. Projects vary from talk shows, testimonials, culture and event videos to product marketing films and kickstarter videos. Apply today! 

Job Type: Part time
Experience: Minimum 4 years 
Location: New York
Start Date: 0 to 2 months

Job Description

Work involves writing briefs, booking crews across the US, coordinating production, running the production on ground, negotiating fees and contracts, providing creative input on set, organizing talent, checking on quality of production, giving feedback to crews, coordinating payments and communicating project schedules as well as crew information with clients across North America and Canada. 

Must Have

  • Technical knowledge of video production and a range of film equipment 
  • Experience booking and managing crews across locations for a variety of video formats 
  • Some understanding of insurance requirements and laws around video production
  • Clear and professional email and oral communication skills

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