Account Manager

Video Agency seeks Account Manager

We, at Red Bangle, are looking for an Account Manager whose primary strength lies in developing tight and strong relationships with key customers – delivering influential market analysis and insight, creative guidance, and serving as a trusted point of contact for client requirements.

Job Type: Full Time
Experience: Minimum 5 yrs
Location: Bengaluru
Start Date: 0 to 2 months


You get a foot through the door if:

  • You are analytical, logic-oriented, and pay close attention to detail
  • You are proactive and ​​perform duties with a high degree of independence, integrity
  • You have excellent time management skills and have shown demonstrable experience juggling multiple client requirements
  • You are a dynamic, self-motivated team player with a positive attitude towards work, patient, high client orientation, and business acumen
  • You are programmed for extremely high service orientation
  • You understand the video production process end-to-end



  • Research products, services, plans, competitors, and target markets before meeting clients
  • Meeting and liaising with clients to discuss and identify their video requirements, as well as develop proposals and key documentation 
  • Ensure flawless documentation, cost calculations, and proposal checks 
  • Brief Creative Teams, and work with them to plan and implement the best video solution for the client
  • Ensure that projects are completed on time and, aligned with the budget, and the client is always aware of the project status
  • You will be required to travel frequently for meetings and build client relationships
  • Meet with clients to discuss strategy and report on progress
  • Respond to client requests as they arise
  • Take part in pitches for new contracts
  • Forecasting and tracking key account metrics
  • Ensuring utmost maximization for all the key Accounts
  • Maintain flawless records of documentation and handle invoices – both using the Google suite and CRMs such as Hubspot

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