3 Videos To Win Customers At The Middle & Bottom Of The Funnel

Today, people consume videos all day long, everywhere they are: through mediums ranging from social media and video-on-demand platforms to even digital signages.

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Sep 28, 2023

Videos that Convert Customers

If you brand ain’t using videos yet, then you are probably living under a rock. Oops.

66% of today’s marketers plan to increase or maintain video spends. More brands are turning to video to share the value of their solutions and grow. And there’s a good chance that your competition is doing so, too.

Why do videos matter?
Because videos are everywhere!
Today, people consume videos all day long, everywhere they are: through mediums ranging from social media and video-on-demand platforms to even digital signages.

The now-viral 3D billboard by Nike Japan, celebrating Air Max Day

So, how can you supercharge your marketing funnel?

The numbers point to greater and greater adoption of videos across the marketing funnel. If you haven’t seen our piece on videos for the top of the funnel, check it out here. In the last article, we talked about how you can leverage launch videos, explainer videos, and influencer marketing videos to boost customer acquisition at the top of the funnel. This time around, we’ll focus our attention on how to use videos effectively in the conversion-critical phases – i.e., the middle and the bottom of your marketing funnel.

What kind of videos work in the Middle and the Bottom of your Marketing Funnel?

Once the net is cast, how do you ensure the bait is strong enough to lure them in? You do this not just with great products and even better offers, but incredible videos too.

You’ve already aroused your potential consumer’s curiosity by defining a problem or gap that they did or did not know they had. Now, as they move along their journey to finding a solution, they become more interested in what a solution might offer, and whether it addresses the problems they now clearly know they have. And videos made for the middle and the bottom of the marketing funnel are designed to educate, convince, and convert.


The key metric here is watch-time. As more people watch more of your videos, the greater the probability is of them learning about your solution and why it solves their problems or meets their needs.

So, how do you make videos that perform well at these stages of the funnel though? We’ve done the thinking. And here are 3 ways.

Method 1: Demo Videos

Demo videos enable you to show off your product/service, describe the many procedures that consumers may go through, and showcase top advantages. These videos are often brief and are only used to swiftly highlight a few essential features of the product or service However, be sure to have fun with your demo videos. Having a conversation with your target audience within your video and showing just how much they are enjoying your product in the most natural, non-scripted way can take your video impact a long long way. Here’s some inspiration: TC Helicon – one of the market leaders in vocal processing devices for singing enthusiasts shows us how powerful it can be to take your audience through the before and after effect of the gap that their doubler pedal fills.

Method 2: Tutorials and How-To Videos

Although tutorials are similar to demo videos, they differ in that they enable you to go further into your product’s features. A tutorial will dive down into a single problem or feature and explain it in great depth, but a demo video will usually always be a more broad presentation on the product. Dyson does a fantastic job of taking their prospective customers through the different value propositions their flagship product in the hair category – The Air Wrap styler solves for, with a super impactful How-To video on styling. Take a look:

Method 3: Promotional Offer Videos

The primary reason offer videos workswork so well is that they give your already baited fish that final push they need to take them to the finish line – customer acquisition. While this part of the funnel is crowded with a ton of static image content, you can simply do so much more from a visual, audible, and creative standpoint with a video than you can with an image. Combine the two forces and you have a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Take a look at how Swiggy owns the discount game:

Getting your users’ attention is critical in acquisition marketing. And, as you can already see, video is one of the most engaging communication formats. If you decide to employ videos to engage your users, think about where in your marketing funnel you need videos for that extra push. Think about what matters the most to your prospective customers and ensure your video strategy is aligned with plugging those needs.

Once you have the answers, you’re a step closer to finding yourself a video partner that can do it all. Want to make videos that drive customer acquisition? Write to us at hello@redbangle.com and we’ll take care of the rest.

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