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6 most effective animated videos for marketing

21 June 2021 | Archita for Red Bangle
6 most effective animated videos for marketing

6 Effective Explainer Videos

You don’t need to be a marketer to understand the impact that videos have on the world today. Videos dominate the communication narrative for businesses, content creators, and even just people documenting their day-to-day lives. According to CISCO’s Annual Internet Report, 82% of all internet traffic will come from video, by 2022. A marketing strategy driven by videos is an undisputed route to success. Videos drive traffic, and videos sell.

While COVID-19 has slowed down large-scale video production, how about a video format that the pandemic holds no sway over? A format that allows you an incredible amount of creative flexibility – one where the only limit is the one set by your imagination? Animated videos are the answer to a video marketing mix that will continue to drive value for your business.

Being universal, animated videos are multi-use and platform agnostic. They have the unique knack of entertaining while effectively delivering business messages that will help you increase your marketing and sales numbers. It is safe to say – animation as a format, and industry is here to stay.

In fact, according to Statista’s report on market size of animation and VFX industry, in India alone, the industry was valued at around 53 billion INR in 2020, with estimates of growth up to 129 billion INR by 2023. A phenomenal 35% rise – giving testament to how much businesses are investing in animation as a format.

So, if you are wondering how you could use animation videos for your business, look at our pick of 6 best animated videos to help you brainstorm ideas to create your own, and to understand the various ways you could use them to attract, educate and convert your audience.

1. DeadHappy – When you really want to stand out!

The name says it all! DeadHappy is a life insurance company unlike any other. They take the taboo out of a sensitive topic like death and directly ask their customers, ‘What do you want to happen when you die?’. Not only is the brand different from other life insurance companies, but their idea of making an animated video also shows that the brand truly wants to stand out. The point we are making is, crafting an animated video when you want to increase visibility in a densely saturated market is an interesting strategy to adopt. It clearly differentiates your brand from the rest visually, thematically, and aids in moving those hot leads down the marketing funnel faster.

2. WeTransfer – When you want to add oomph!

This WeTransfer video uses animation and screen grabs to show how the product works. The animation style in this video reflects the creativity and sophistication of the brand and its product. Modern, slick and seamless animation positions your brand to be a reflection of these attributes and could help you elevate your share of voice in the market. Elevated share of voice affects everything from the number of followers on social media to business leads… a creatively crafted animated video can bring in a sense of credibility and elegance to your brand that will give your audience an extra motivation to convert.

3. BreatheSmart – When you want to drive more traffic!

Launched a new app? Or a new feature on your app? Give an app tour to your customers with an easy-to-understand animated app explainer video. Animated videos can jazz up your brand without overselling it. It’s perhaps the cleanest and the best way to explain complex ideas, like helping your customers navigate through your app. So, there you go, leverage your animated video for your next launch, ensure you have a powerful CTA and watch the video cut through the digital noise.

4. Starbucks – When you want to tell a story!

Starbucks uses animation to tell a story of the art and science of blending coffee from different regions of the world. KPMG’s – We Shape History video too uses mixed media of archived news clippings and animation overlays to tell their B2B brand story. Capable of being inclusive and reflective, animation helps you add an extra layer of honesty and thoughtfulness that underpins the story. Sometimes it isn’t all about profit, it is also about authenticity and building credibility, so you can bring in a new customer and retain them for years to come. With animation, you have the golden opportunity to build empathy and enhance the human connection! Check out some honorary mentions –  Airbnb, Nike and Van’s animated brand stories for more inspiration.

5. Landstar – When you want to educate your customers!

Explainer videos don’t have to be boring. Take cue from the Landstar Advantage. This video uses 3D animation to creatively explain their service business of logistics with playful visuals that engage the viewer instead of mawkish acting or stock footage that trivialize or dilute the core message. So, here we are, another great weapon to tackle the audience’s dwindling attention and pump up your click-through rates. You can post your animated explainer videos on your website or upload it on YouTube with an attention-grabbing message for more conversions.

6. Steelmint Thailand – When you want to say a lot, but just enough!

Here’s an example of how Steelmint used an animation video to pack intense data into an exciting, infographic-style video. Animation helps illustrate complex concepts into an easily digestible format that can turn the cold audience into hot leads by inspiring them to learn more about your company and its services.

So, there you have it! 

That’s close to everything you needed to know about using animated videos for your business. 

There is likely no better way than animation to bring your brand to life, break free from the mundane, add extra punch, or to just help people understand complex topics in a simple, powerful, and fun way. 

With a great script and background music to boot, you are well on your way to creating an animated video that will have people click the ‘share’ button and make it go viral!

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