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6 Incredible Recruitment Videos to watch now! | Red Bangle

19 July 2021 | Archita for Red Bangle
6 Incredible recruitment videos

6 Incredible Recruitment Videos

‘Digital-first’ as a communication theory has contributed towards the evolutionary cycle of industries across the spectrum. The world of HR and recruitment has evolved phenomenally owing to this change in the last few decades. From social media’s increasing role in recruitment (think: both social media companies like LinkedIn, as well as the success of hiring campaigns on other social platforms) to internet businesses such as Glassdoor, being digital-first has been a defining factor within hiring strategies for some of the largest brands in the world.

Now more than ever, it’s about attracting and engaging the right candidates for your organisation – whether via recruitment marketing advertisements, or more long-game vehicles like employer branding campaigns. In the HR and recruitment world, Video has been the frontrunner of the digital-first communication theory – where attracting top talent has never been more competitive. 

Now, there are plenty of ways to make a recruitment video, with a variety of different styles, ideas and topics; We have gathered 6 incredible recruiting films that we think will help you reimagine your company’s hiring and employee branding game. Let’s take a look!

Gojek – Unleash your creativity

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your recruiting film. In fact, steer away from the typical hiring videos that look and sound fake. You are making this video to showcase what is unique and great about your company – be authentic and real to your company values and culture and you will attract the right candidates who resonate with your brand and style of work.


Fiverr – Don’t be generic

Fiverr’s parody of typical recruitment videos sure got us laughing out loud! If you ever felt compelled to show an ideal workplace, with stylish conference rooms, tall glass buildings, full of perfectly dressed, smart, hard-working employees who never seem to have a bad day at work then watch this video. To reiterate, be authentic, be you. Show people what it’s really like to work with you. By poking fun at the templated job videos, Fiverr highlights the brand’s sense of humor and distinctive style.


Dropbox – Be playful

As it is apparent, recruitment videos are an extremely effective way to humanize your brand. It’s a chance to show what working in your company looks like, and Dropbox does it so incredibly well. Their video is hilarious and oh-so endearing with those cutely descriptive puppets that hint at the company’s fun, playful culture.


Thoughtworks – Say it from the horse’s mouth

Well, no matter how well you say how great it is to work with you, the only person’s words that truly hold water are those of your current employees. So why not make a video that has video testimonials of your actual employees talking about what it feels like to work with you? This video – a beautiful peek into life at ThoughtWorks – is a story brought alive by ThoughtWorkers themselves.


Goibibo – Say it like you mean it

Whether you opt to take a quirky route or a more traditional approach, the most important thing is that the video truly represents who you are as an organization. This video by Goibibo does just that, they highlight why it’s a great place to work and why you should consider it. It’s simple, and straightforward. They capture the amazing technology and learning opportunities at your disposal once you’re part of the team and highlight the impact you will get to make in the travel industry.


Accenture – Show it instead of saying it

This video by Accenture tries to capture how your day at work is going to look like working with them. It begins with employees commuting to work in various ways and then going about their day. The video doesn’t have any dialogues or a VO, just a few texts on screen that highlight the culture. We think this is a pretty neat and realistic way of showcasing your brand to your potential employees.

So there you go, we have given you a variety of ideas to make your own recruitment video. The ball is in your court now. Why not write to us at [email protected] and let’s make a video to attract the best candidates to your organization.

Over to you now!