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5 Ways Videos Can Help Drive Customer Acquisition

7 April 2022 | Mohammed for Red Bangle
videos can help drive customer acquisition

Videos help acquire new customers

Acquiring the right customers and taking them through your marketing and sales funnel can be one of the most difficult jobs every company must face in today’s competitive environment. Given the vast amount of material competing for our attention on the internet, it could get tough to stand out. While a well-rounded content plan should contain a combination of formats, emphasizing video across all of your marketing efforts is a proven technique to increase consumer engagement, retention levels, and customer acquisition.

Why, you ask? Because video, on its own, is inherently more compelling than the vast majority of content. In fact, consumers spend 2.6 times as much time on sites that have video as they do on ones that do not. Video is also one of the most useful tools for simplifying problem statements and humanizing your business. Video just works.

Acquisition is all about solving for a pain-point, addressing a need, making your customer’s life easier in the process, and doing all of it while building trust and a human connection with your customer. No tool is quite as effective at building this relationship as video marketing. However, to effectively leverage the power of videos, you must pay great attention to the delivery, the format of your video content, and the distribution methods you choose.

Need help? We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking at videos to drive customer acquisition, here are five ways to get started.

1. Use storytelling to build relationships.

Storytelling is not just a form of entertainment. It is a very effective marketing tactic that has stood the test of time. Some of the finest videos ace the fundamentals of storytelling – and having this foundation in place makes a world of difference.

If you’re working on a marketing campaign, this means developing characters and staging drama to present a narrative that your target audience will remember. It is important when crafting a story for your marketing video that you take your audience on a journey that is both recognizable in concept and emotionally engaging. And that’s precisely how Olly, a house robot that was the first of its type, handled its crowdfunding campaign.

2. Establish trust with social proof

When it comes to driving client acquisition, one of the most effective methods is to showcase success stories from a reliable network of satisfied consumers. Engaging social proof increases viewer engagement by instilling a sense of authenticity into the viewer’s perspective of your company. Also triggered by this event is the component of our human psyche that causes us to imitate the same behavior or sentiments of those around us.

Create testimonial movies in which your consumers testify about their experiences with your product. This is the most apparent approach to do this. When compared to written product evaluations, testimonials are more concerned with the customer’s personal narrative than with the characteristics or operation of the product itself, according to the company. In addition, viewers may put a face to the situation that is being recounted. A real person testifying in front of a camera will express considerably more emotion than a line written in a journal or on the internet.

As an example of social proof, have a look at this testimonial video from Capillary.

3. Educate and onboard new users into the system

The goal of attracting clients entails much more than just persuading them to make a purchase. Clients often seek video information that can assist them in getting the most out of a recently purchased product or service. This is a given in the case of software goods. The majority of SaaS firms offer libraries of information to assist their clients in learning how to utilize their solutions in a variety of ways.

Explainer videos are a great approach to educate new users, and they can be used to assist both leads who haven’t converted yet and existing customers as well. Explainer films assist viewers in conceptualizing a product that may otherwise seem unfamiliar or unusual while keeping things short enough that they do not appear to be an in-depth training. One stellar example of this is Webflow and their ability to inject humor into their videos. The no-code platform puts McGuire Brannon front and center in its video marketing series, providing a recognizable face and fun, familiar style.

4. Guided retention

Informational material is popular and helpful on the web. Great video tutorials strive to educate viewers on a certain subject. Video guides, like tutorials, may assist viewers acquire new skills, comprehend best practices, or apply advice for a particular activity. But this form of video material is more about getting professional guidance than developing skills. Providing this to your clients tells them you care about their success.

For example, you might develop update manuals for key product features or suggestions on how to use your product better. So that your consumers feel supported in their purchases. By showing them what your product or service can achieve, you encourage them to use it. You may also make video instructions for non-customers. People are constantly seeking professional guidance, so writing a guide about your sector will almost likely increase traffic. Viewers who gain knowledge from your videos will trust your brand as a reputable source of information.

5. Extend your reach through commercials

Increasing acquisition means attracting new views from a variety of prospective clients. Videos may be a terrific complement to any marketing plan. While static commercials may be successful, 69% of respondents would rather watch a brief video. Even though a lot goes into a solid video marketing approach, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind.

To advertise effectively, you need films that people want to watch and share. Begin by making films that will pique curiosity. Consider the influencer marketing approach to give your advertising campaign an organic lift. In this brief, amusing video commercial, Swiggy and the Bowl Company pique attention and previews the product.


Video may help increase client acquisition in several ways. Video is already a compelling format, but you can maximize it by concentrating on what your clients want to see.  A solid plan of action involves knowing your target audience and involving them in your content. It’s all about creating content that thrills your consumers and keeps them coming back for more. Want to make videos that sell like hot cakes? Write to us with your briefs on [email protected].