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5 video formats to localize your B2B business

17 February 2022 | Mohammed for Red Bangle
video formats to localize your b2b

Videos help localize B2B businesses

Humans are infamously known as creatures of habit. We love creating systems of repetition that drive comfort, and a sense of security. Just think about the last time you had to move cities or even countries. For most people, it causes a complex range of emotions, from fear, to anxiety and self-doubt. Finding a new home for your business is not that different. Entering a new market can be extremely daunting.

Thanks to the World Wide Web’s limitless capabilities, companies can now understand new markets with an incredible amount of data and insight, and compete globally – like never before. Globalization has opened up vast market prospects for business-to-business enterprises, but it has also resulted in increasing international competition. This is where localization can help.

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Localization, often abbreviated within the industry as L10N, is the process of adapting a product to a specific country or culture. Now, when most people think of localization of content, the first thought that comes to mind is translation. While translation is an incredible tool to achieve a certain degree of localization, it is only one step in the process.

Localization takes place not only through the translated copy/scripts, but also through the visual imagery you use, the design language you implement, and how you approach what is culturally important to your audience. We’ve put together 5 videos across formats that emerging and large B2B players have leveraged to localize themselves. Take a look:

Explainer Videos

When the Estonian first and last-mile delivery provider entered the German market in late 2020, they started by localizing one of the most critical pieces of B2B communication – the explainer video . Explainer videos’ concision and clarity have aided B2B firms in communicating their brand’s message and providing prospective consumers with a sneak peek inside a product or service. The better you present your brand’s message – the more personal and clear you make it – the more the audience understands and trusts your brand. Nothing beats Localization at this.

Campaign Films

Tata Motors – the Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company – has an aggressive global market presence out of which the Middle-East region makes for 25.71%. Coinciding with the beginning of the month of Ramadan, in April 2021, Tata Motors announced the launch of a new marketing campaign – #CelebratingGoodness with Tata Motors – #NekiHiDariya

The ad, aimed to instill hope and give relief, particularly during the stressful and trying times, such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Using their marketing campaign #NekiHiDariya, the commercial urges people to share happiness and pleasure, which is true to the spirit of Ramadan.

Content Properties 

OYO –  the Indian multinational OTA, homes and living space aggregator entered the U.S. market in February 2019 with test properties in Austin and Dallas. Two financial quarters in, they had already launched their long-form video content property – Thrifty Fifty. The thought behind the series completely resonated with OYO’s mission of affordable living/travel. 

OYO used the power of localization to bring a writer and a designer from the country together and challenged them to find the best budget-friendly food, drinks and adventures across multiple cities where the business had presence. With a content property deeply rooted in relatability and cultural exploration, OYO announced to the market – they had arrived, and they were there to stay.

Within a year, OYO established its footprint across 37 states in the US with 300+ hotels and nearly 20,000 rooms. Currently, it also operates OYO Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and OYO Hotel Times Square in New York. Talk about scale!

Brand Videos

The American commercial real estate company WeWork launched in India in 2017. Two years into the Indian market, the coworking giant expanded its footprint across the nation with a brand video celebrating their newest micro market – a city that continues to evolve just as vibrant as the WeWork brand – Hyderabad. 

The film brings together iconic Hyderabadi landscapes, interspersed with footage of the WeWork India community – working, playing, networking – living the WeWork mission “Do What You Love”. Today, six years later, WeWork India operates from 36 locations and 65,000 desks, spanning about 5 million sq. ft.

Social Media Video Ads

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. This masterclass in copy has stood the test of time for the last 25 years for Mastercard. So much, that the campaign film idea – priceless – has been Mastercard’s registered trademark ever since it’s inception. Written as a response to the public’s worry that everything was being commodified and that people were becoming too materialistic, the line has given Mastercard a consistent and recognizable voice. 

Two and a half decades later, when the American multinational financial services corporation launched a Diwali Social Media campaign for its Indian market, in true Mastercard style, they brought back “Priceless” in a brand new avatar. 

Making videos that capture market share across geographies takes lazer-sharp focus while your ear is always to the ground. At Red Bangle, we truly believe in the value of localization. Spread across 100 counties, we have curated crews of award-winning filmmakers who we work with for some of the largest names in business. Get in touch and send us a brief on [email protected]. Let’s grow your footprint together. Let’s make a video!