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5 Tips To Effective Hiring With Videos

29 March 2022 | Mohammed for Red Bangle
5 tips to effective hiring with videos

5 Effective Hiring Videos

We’ve been hearing marketing professionals exclaim “this year is the year of video!” for more than a decade now. The zeal, however, is not unfounded: according to Nielsen, engagement rate for digital videos are increasing year after year. In fact, according to YouTube analytics, a quarter of the whole world’s population views more than a billion hours of video content every day.

Video is the most popular form of brand communication on social media. Leading firms are already making recruiting films and using them to meet their talent acquisition objectives in order to remain competitive. Video recruitment is undoubtedly one of the recruiting trends for 2022 that you should consider including into your process.

According to research by CareerBuilder, job postings with videos have a 34% greater application rate. As videos continue to blow up year on year, here are 5 tips for effective hiring with videos.

First and foremost, have fun with it

Avoid using hackneyed corporate business jargon and clichéd buzzwords in your writing. Prospective employees should find your recruiting video interesting and entertaining. Begin with the people who work for you. It is critical that your employees have a good time while working on your recruitment films. The energy and attitude they exude will come through and attract prospective applicants. Don’t be scared to incorporate humor in your writing!

Tighten It Up

Some of the best-performing recruitment videos are under three minutes in length. Candidates spend an average of 1 minute and 36 seconds viewing recruitment films , according to a SkillScout study of more than 450 job and corporate videos from YouTube and Vimeo, according to the study. The odds are that most applicants will not view the whole recruiting video if it is longer than 5 minutes, even if it is an excellent and fascinating piece of work.

Keep it conversational

Instead of having your employees recite your company’s mission statement, ask them interesting and personal questions. This makes their answers about what drives them, and not just about your company. Recognize that the stories your employees share are how the business and the culture will be remembered. By allowing your employees to talk rather than forcing them to listen, you allow natural and organic discovery as well as genuine human connection.

Make your culture known

In addition to your employee testimonials, Utilize your recruiting video to demonstrate your company’s culture. Potential candidates want to see not just who they will be working alongside, but also the environment and the setting. Allow them to get a feel for your working environment and the day-to-day activities at your organization. This way, they are more likely to imagine life at your company long after the video has ended.

Think of your candidate journey

Candidates are likely to have some specific questions depending on what stage of the candidate journey they are in. Create useful video recruitment content for every step of the candidate’s journey. Do you offer unique benefits such as training, mentorships, and/or tuition reimbursement? Make sure to get that in your video! Every piece of content you create for different stages of your candidate journey will not only help in making the case for how much you care about your people, but will also ensure alignment from the get-go.

In addition to being entertaining, the finest recruiting films serve as an authentic reflection of the company’s culture. Whether you opt to take a contemporary or a more traditional approach, the most important thing is that the video truly represents who you are as an organization. Want to give your recruitment effort a shot in the arm? Reach out to us on [email protected] with your video briefs. Let’s make a video!