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5 share-worthy B2B video case studies

15 April 2020 | Redbangle
B2B video case studies

Amazing B2B video case studies

Video case studies have become the go-to marketing tool for B2B businesses. And for good reason. Nearly 70% of buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their purchase journey (Source: Google). An endorsement from a client adds authenticity to your solution and provides social proof. But most case studies are uninspiring, and pretty much follow an archaic, templated format that contains an interview with a senior manager in a formal office or boardroom setting, where she/he talks about the problems they faced and how using a product or a service helped the team overcome this problem. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all. 

When so much rides on the success of your case studies, why not make them interesting, memorable and share-worthy? Take a look at some of these videos that have broken the mold and raised the bar for video case studies.

1. The GREP Case Study


Greater Reading Economic Partnership – Bill’s Khakis from Seth Eckert on Vimeo.

GREP’s approach to video production and use of motion graphics transforms a typical testimonial video into a visual treat. The video follows the journey of Bill Thomas, founder of Bill’s Khakis, and his experience of setting up his business in Greater Reading area. The industrial warehouse set up, Thomas’s rolled up sleeves and the bar stool instantly dissipate any expectations of a formal interview. What follows is a completely natural conversation that draws in viewers and keeps them engaged. We particularly love the tasteful juxtaposition of grayscale footage with colourful graphics and text on screen that add warmth and energy.


2. The Hubspot Case Study


Over the years, Hubspot has perfected the art of video case studies. This video is a fitting testament: even a basic case study such as this is engaging thanks to the B-roll and the people Hubspot has chosen to interview. Patrick Shea, VP Marketing of Cybereason, and senior manager Kyle McKay seem completely at ease in front of the camera as they dive right in. The interview is effortless and honest. Well-planned cinematography and strategic lighting bring life and fluidity to the video. 

Traditional case studies only showcase client interviews. But this ThoughtWorks case study ignored the status quo and skilfully brought out the collaborative partnership through a heart-warming video. B-roll shots of the Great Green Outdoors and adorable graphics certainly livened up the video, and the music was a good mood-fit. What’s also different is that that they chose an engaging conversation with the Silent Herdsman team as well as the ThoughtWorks team involved in building the solution.

3. The Fairmont Case Study


Fairmont, a luxury line of hotels, used Google Analytics to generate buzz on social media channels, measure campaign effectiveness and improve social messaging. Interviewee, Barbara Pezzi, Director of Analytics & SEO for the Fairmont, is charmingly direct when she explains the challenges the brand faced with conventional social media analytical tools — a problem that most brands would relate to. The no-nonsense talking head framing, stunning b-roll footage from their properties across the world, and digital screens to show the success of the solution makes this case study very engaging and experiential.

4. Lady Gaga for The Grammys By Intel


Prepare yourself to witness the power of technology which was used to elevate an artist’s ability to deliver amazing on-stage experience. Stunning visuals and interactive content, also seen in the video, enabled Lady Gaga to pay tribute to music legend, David Bowie, in ways never imagined before. The third person narrative aptly sets the tone for the documentary style treatment of the case study. The behind-the-scenes b-roll footage engages viewers and makes them feel part of this breakthrough performance. In other words, if you’re a fan of music and technology, this case study reference is a must-watch.

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