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4 Inspiring B2B videos from 2021

25 January 2022 | Mohammed for Red Bangle
4 clutterbreaking b2b videos

Clutterbreaking B2B Videos

Not nearly enough is said about B2B businesses that are breaking the glass ceiling with truly clutter breaking and thumb-stopping video content. Videos have been a tried and tested tool to increase brand visibility, build trust, and educate customers. Statista’s June 2021 survey on organizational goals confirms. 80% of B2B marketers showed dedicated effort on building brand awareness for their business. Building credibility and trust was cited by 75% of respondents, while 70% mentioned the goal of educating audiences.

2021 was also a year that saw some fantastic work coming from the B2B side of the table – both for service and product videography – and we wanted to curate for you, 4 ideas to spark imagination and show you just how innovative B2B storytelling can be.

1. The Classic Scandal

As a kid picking up my first PC, I distinctly remember the Intel jingle ringing in my ears while I intently looked for the “intel inside’ sticker on a pre-assembled CPU. Intel – although a B2B business – spoke the marketing language of a B2C brand with ease. Their strategy of influencing purchase decisions by speaking directly to the end-user made hefty revenues for their clients and of course, as market leaders of the time, did the same for themselves. So, ​​In late 2020, when Apple ditched the intel processors for their own ARM-based processors across categories, Intel decided to shake things up. As part of their early 2021 campaign, Intel roped in Justin Long fondly known as ‘The Mac Guy’ from the insanely popular Apple adverts comparing the Mac and PC in one of the biggest spokesperson swaps of recent times pitching this time – for the PC. Naturally, Twitter blew up.


2. The Reverse-throwback

Staying with spokespeople and brand faces (do I sense a theme for 2021?) between 2000 and 2003, the Dell equivalent of ‘The Mac Guy’ was Ben Curtis – playing Steve, The Dell Dude. Over the course of three years, “The Dell Dude” featured in 26 advertisements for the computer company, making him a nationwide phenomenon across the United States for his catchphrase “Dude, you’re getting a Dell”. As part of their marketing campaign promoting their asset resale and recycling services among other things, Dell teamed up with Steve for the first time in 20 years, to demonstrate how far Dell has gone from the days of their CD burners and DVD upgrades.


3. Ideas Have No Boundries

With so many incredible trend-setting films that Apple has made for its consumers, it’s often easy to forget – Apple is truly a B2M company. Take a closer look at their footer and you’ll see two dedicated landing pages for business – Apple and Business, and Shop For Business. In fact, back in 2017 as part of a conversation with Wall Street analysts, Apple CFO Luca Maestri spoke about a new enterprise revenue record and how the company was crushing it when selling its technology to business users. That sentiment stays true even today with Apple making large enterprise momentum partnering with businesses like Openreach and UCHealth as of April last year. Their WFH film that was released shortly after, was a masterclass on how B2M companies can leverage trends that aren’t just applicable to consumers, but also to businesses. Almost stepping over the ‘project management tool’ territory, Apple broke the internet with a short film that was so relatable that people couldn’t help but share and talk about it.

4. Drive the message home

The advertising playbook is riddled with examples of exaggerated messaging. The trick, however, is to color outside the lines without coming across as being deceitful. With their early 2021 campaign, Vistaprint set out to do just that and grabbed serious traction through YouTube pre-roll ads. The Dutch global, e-commerce company launched a series of advert spots, aimed at small business owners, that are not only in a rush to innovate, but also pivot quickly and efficiently.

The commercials depict absurd situations, such as a yoga studio getting struck by an asteroid and being forced to change its business model to become a hot yoga studio, or a restaurant having to innovate because of a ‘fishy infestation’. By demonstrating how short turnaround times and simple access to printed documents are critical in today’s fast-paced business environment, Vistaprint not only elevated brand perception but also fostered a higher emotional connection with customers.

With the world of video exploding at an unprecedented rate, there is a strong need for differentiated messaging to be coupled with engaging narratives like never before. At Red Bangle, we have championed creative storytelling for some of the largest names in business. Have a video idea that you want to take to the finish line? Write to us with a brief. Don’t have an idea but are inspired to make videos that win? Even better. Get in touch with us on [email protected] and we’ll work our magic.